June 20, 2003

Jessica Lynch and Spin

Emma unexpectedly links to this Nicholas Kristoff NYT column (which will be pay to read in a week) and rightly tells us:

What's amazing is that his story, if true, would be a thousand times better than the original one.
You can go to her place to read why she thinks this. She then goes on to say:
Instead, they played up to the imbecile jingoism of the hard right. Even Kristof seems to be getting tired of it, although he cannot bring himself, yet, to call it lying:
and the paragraph she quotes from Kristol does support this interpretation. I like, though, the way Kristoff put it earlier in his article:
Ms. Lynch is still a hero in my book, and it was unnecessary for officials to try to turn her into a Hollywood caricature. As a citizen, I deeply resent my government trying to spin me like a Ping-Pong ball.
He is still not quite calling it lying but what else can it be?

Posted by Steve on June 20, 2003
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