June 21, 2003

Balko slides 'Left'

Bush supporting libertarians should head right over to read this post from Radly Balko.

The only reasons this administration has given libertarians to support it come in the form of what it promises to do next term.
(I think everyone has a pretty clear understanding of Bush's record regarding commitments to future actions that are not related to a pretty narrow constituency)

If you are primarily a left blogger Balko may not be on your regular reading list but this is one post that you should go read as many of his points will help in your discussions with right bloggers - at least the ones who are not lockstepped with Ashcroft, et al.

I don't think Balko is actually sliding leftward as much as realizing that his views are generally orthogonal to both the republicans and the democrats and he comes close to realizing this when he says:
But my point is not that the Democrat Party is an acceptable alternative. My point is simply that Republicans aren't acceptable anymore.
I'm pretty sure the republicans have never been acceptable to true libertarians and I have never understood libertarians supporting Bush policies which seem overwhelmingly to lead away from libertarian principles. Hopefully this is an indicator of a growing schism in the Bush ranks.

Posted by Steve on June 21, 2003
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