June 21, 2003

Bush Jobs Program

Chris, a guest blogger at Unlearned Hand, teaches us the true intent of the Bush tax cuts:

Briefly, this is how it works. Tax cuts are given to the wealthy. The wealthy, in turn, then contribute money to the campaign. The campaign then hires Republican workers.

Brilliant. It trickles down, as long you support the President.

Leave No Republican Operative Behind.

A pretty clear picture of the workings of American government.

Posted by Steve on June 21, 2003

That being the case, how would one explain all the money he raised in 1999-2000? He was only Governor of Texas then, and had been unable to give national tax cuts to his budies...

Further, I doubt he will raise the roughly $105 billion that will be dispersed in cuts the first year of the plan (see here for details.

Posted by Steven at June 22, 2003 4:32 PM
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