February 19, 2011

Bird Droppings 2011-02-09 to 02-18 GMT

Some recent Tweets in reverse order. Dates and times are GMT.

I've deleted some but not all my retweets; otherwise this is just to long. Look below the fold....

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    2011-02-18 05:36:21 slathe: RT @normative: Translation: It's been years, but I just smoked a joint. RT @superwuster: Okay finally I've decided its time to write abo ...

    2011-02-18 05:30:19
    slathe: RT @hnfirehose: Canadian ISPs will get their pound of flesh one way or another.: http://bit.ly/fPuOIh

    2011-02-18 05:05:24
    slathe: Dove Murder ~ http://bit.ly/febwR5 "Kill as long as you want...it is great hunting." Don't know if the hosts or the killers are worse..

    2011-02-18 02:09:44
    slathe: RT @declanm: NSA chief wants to protect 'critical' private networks (what counts as critical?) http://t.co/11gagww via @cnet

    2011-02-18 02:01:16
    slathe: @davewiner: FBI Pushes for Surveillance Backdoors in Web 2.0 Tools. http://r2.ly/89kv” Toss'm out on their ass...

    2011-02-18 00:52:36
    slathe: I and the Bird # 144: The Bird Vocalization Edition : Greg Laden's Blog http://bit.ly/eQ5e1q

    2011-02-17 23:07:51
    slathe: RT @markmorford: If you died in your office right now, how long would it take for people to notice? http://is.gd/ikIpGd

    2011-02-17 23:00:19
    slathe: RT @profsteed: Texas...Hispanic population... now accounts for 37.6% of total residents. #txcensus; Mexico close to winning the war...

    2011-02-17 19:53:29
    slathe: RT @janehamsher: Washington’s Revolving Door Makes More Obvious Bribes Unnecessary http://fdl.me/hPtsJB

    2011-02-17 19:49:04
    slathe: RT @normative: On the reading queue: Chesterman on Surveillance, Liberty, and the Use of Information http://j.mp/fIkA3

    2011-02-17 19:40:49
    slathe: "RT @TheAtlantic: How to Grow Manufacturing in the U.S.: http://theatln.tc/gsiz8v" Follow with ending direct/indirect subsidization of domestic

    2011-02-17 19:39:45
    slathe: "@TheAtlantic: How to Grow Manufacturing in the U.S.: http://theatln.tc/gsiz8v" Start with ending direct/indirect subsidization of foreign

    2011-02-17 04:55:03
    slathe: RT @SubComJohn: Breaking News: Ray McGovern Brutalized & Left Bleeding by Hillary Clinton Police, "So this is America!" http://is.gd/lbHFY3

    2011-02-17 01:11:53
    slathe: RT @MohmdAshoor: I don't give a fuck what was said and done, YOU DO NOT ATTACK UNARMED CIVILIANS WITH WOMEN & CHILDREN AT 3 FUCKING AM!!!!!

    2011-02-16 00:35:48 slathe: "Bluegrass Black Eyed Peas!" - http://bit.ly/hOwCEG

    2011-02-16 22:08:48
    slathe: RT @JadAbumrad: Excellent photo-blog consisting of cross-sections of sandwiches. http://p2.to/17QF (via @michaelpollan)

    2011-02-16 06:37:00
    slathe: RT @JPBarlow: Clinton: "Wikileaks does not challenge our commitment to Internet freedom." [No. But your response to it does.]

    2011-02-16 06:25:38
    slathe: RT @hnfirehose: An easy answer to Apple's 30% tax - a teachable consumer moment: http://bit.ly/hwbFM5

    2011-02-15 22:49:26
    slathe: RT @davewiner: Hillary Clinton's speech: Shades of hypocrisy on internet freedom. http://r2.ly/88ng

    2011-02-15 22:44:16
    slathe: Of course, I don't plan to buy digital books, mags, music or papers
    unless I can sell/share like the meat world equivalent. #apple

    2011-02-15 22:42:15
    slathe: "@hnfirehose: Apple's new rules snag Amazon.... http://bit.ly/gkraji" #apple Makes a little sense for app none for content... #apple

    2011-02-15 18:53:57
    slathe: RT @planetmoney: "the only productive invention to come out of the banking industry over the past generation was the ATM." - Bill Gross ...

    2011-02-15 18:51:58
    slathe: RT @doctorow: Countering #AccessCanada's #copyright #FUD attack on #Canadian schools http://tinyurl.com/6akufy6

    2011-02-15 18:42:04
    slathe: RT @davewiner: Freaky. Hillary Clinton calling for "Global Standards for Internet Use" == hello RIAA-net. :-) http://r2.ly/88m2


    2011-02-15 18:27:59
    slathe: RT @normative: Maybe Hillary should be giving this speech at DOJ...

    2011-02-15 18:21:13
    slathe: "@dangerroom: Clinton: Iranian govt is "awful" ... "because it routinely violates the rights of its people" Pot calling kettle... #usa

    2011-02-15 00:56:30
    slathe: RT @jayrosen_nyu: Rebooting the News #82 with me and Dave Winer http://jr.ly/88aj Quitting corporate blogging silos. Owning your own inf

    2011-02-14 18:44:08
    slathe: The best argument ever made against diplomatic immunity § Unqualified Offerings http://bit.ly/fmRfzB

    2011-02-14 04:34:24
    slathe: Carnival of the Cats #361 - Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat http://bit.ly/dJY6f9

    2011-02-14 01:43:44
    slathe: Marginal Revolution: World of Snow and Ice http://bit.ly/fzu3PI It's a cool picture, that is all.

    2011-02-13 22:01:57
    slathe: "@davewiner: Barack Obama to unveil $1.1tn cuts in US budget over next decade(out-Repubbing the Repubs http://r2.ly/87rz" Hardly adequate.

    2011-02-13 20:26:35
    slathe: Modulator: Friday Ark #326 http://t.co/n0daQf2


    2011-02-13 19:44:59
    slathe: RT @davewiner: By spreading out we're harder to stop. http://r2.ly/6w3g

    2011-02-13 05:22:14
    slathe: BBC News - Demonstrators clean-up Egypt's streets http://t.co/VSfDoXj Well worth watching....and emulating.

    2011-02-13 05:09:37
    slathe: Fingering evolution | Bad Astronomy | http://t.co/x3I6vyA This one speaks for itself...if a bit wierd.

    2011-02-13 00:13:46
    slathe: "@stevesilberman: GOP to endangered wolves: Drop dead. http://bit.ly/dRwMgg" Is it time for the invasives to reduce their population...

    2011-02-13 00:11:05
    slathe: RT @egyptication: RT @algeriantime: #Facebook and #Twitter NOT CENSURED in #Algeria. access is very SLOW because of high user traffic #f

    2011-02-13 00:09:55
    slathe: RT @jeffjarvis: Kill switch redux RT @jpalfrey: Algeria shuts down internet and Facebooku as protest mounts - Telegraph http://t.co/9Iv6whx

    2011-02-13 00:07:59
    slathe: @GreeGreece Which, I guess, is why most of the loot (tax proceeds) and state deficit goes to support the unjust power structure...

    2011-02-12 05:42:57
    slathe: BS! "There are protocols in place to ensure the right thing is done for the right patient at the right time." http://t.co/2gZRF8u

    2011-02-12 02:59:22
    slathe: "Would you use Facebook to get your medical-test results?" http://t.co/fFqa7FX Well, would you? I would not!

    2011-02-12 21:01:02
    slathe: RT @hnfirehose: The Human Body as if it were Composed of Machinery: http://bit.ly/fw5nbI

    2011-02-12 20:59:51
    slathe: RT @google: We're incredibly proud of you, @Ghonim, & of course will welcome you back when you're ready - cf. http://goo.gl/2BDGp

    2011-02-12 20:57:04
    slathe: RT @AnarchoGirl: 4 Year-Old Girl Shows Better Understanding of Egyptian Strife Than Pundits http://bit.ly/ggemn1

    2011-02-12 20:21:02
    slathe: More victims of the misbegotten drug war!! "6 dead, 37 injured in attack on Mexican nightclub" http://t.co/jOHvh4y #drugwar

    2011-02-12 06:29:30
    slathe: It did not belong to the state in 1st place... "@GreeGreece: Robbing Uncle Sam of Retirement Taxes..." http://bit.ly/eDfDVx"

    2011-02-11 23:00:37
    slathe: RT @libertyideals: Over 50,000 marijuana possession arrests in NYC in 2010. More than 1978 to 1996 combined. #libertarian http://nyti.ms ...

    2011-02-11 22:57:08
    slathe: RT @markmorford: U.S. Lawmakers Cheer Mubarak Exit, praise Jesus they don't have to admit funding his dictatorship for 30 yrs. http://bu ...

    2011-02-11 21:12:45
    slathe: KPFA Grateful Dead marathon: February 19, 2011 ¬´ Cloud Surfing http://t.co/01leISW #furthur #gratefuldead

    2011-02-11 19:51:51
    slathe: @thedeadblog Made from wood salvaged from one of the great lakes.

    2011-02-11 19:51:10
    slathe: @thedeadblog I think it was new last tour.. But haven't checked pics. I know he had a new one that looked similar at Cuthbert

    2011-02-11 19:46:49
    slathe: Not a negative assessment.. "@ProfBainbridge: Steven Taylor: Call it What it is: A Military Coup in Egypt: http://bit.ly/goowYb"

    2011-02-11 19:42:12
    slathe: "@kaskadia: RT @ecovegangal: Another great article on buying flowers for Valentine's Day http://fb.me/FgEq0iuH" Consider not buying them!

    2011-02-11 19:35:25
    slathe: "@zander: People of Egypt, you have my highest respect. You did what we should have done 8 years ago." And still should! #corpstate #egypt

    2011-02-11 19:25:49
    slathe: RT @jayrosen_nyu: Let's be clear: it's Assange, Keller, Greenwald, your average blogger and a free press against The Firm http://jr.ly/vdue

    2011-02-11 16:20:28
    slathe: Congratulations to the people of #egypt! The dictator is gone from Cairo. Now they must deal with the system.

    2011-02-11 06:27:33
    slathe: "@deadheads: two eleven eleven... #furthur" And, in 9 months: eleven eleven eleven....

    2011-02-11 02:14:53
    slathe: RT @kaskadia: An essay on the ridiculous way #architects talk (Slate) http://slate.me/gJax5u

    2011-02-10 21:54:55
    slathe: RT @dangillmor: If Twitter sells to Facebook, I will congratulate @ev and @biz -- and immediately look for an alternative microblog service

    2011-02-10 21:52:24
    slathe: RT @1mfriend: Beastie Boys vs. Grateful Dead - TRIPLE SHAKEDOWN by wick-it via #soundcloud http://t.co/SBUbJFI - this is hysterical!

    2011-02-10 20:21:58
    slathe: Does this provide too much personal information? "Payback Could Be a Lollapalooza for Concert Promoters" http://t.co/E2abh3H #rfid

    2011-02-10 19:59:31
    slathe: Just in case you missed this public service work: Rolling Stone Photoshops Katy Perry | http://t.co/3yF0wzk

    2011-02-10 17:40:15
    slathe: RT @doctorow: Government transparency doesn't matter without accountability http://tinyurl.com/67tmyta

    2011-02-10 06:51:18
    slathe: "Even in Deep-Red Idaho, Overwhelming Support for Medical Marijuana" http://t.co/ylShpkL Plenty of Idahoans have inhaled...

    2011-02-10 06:21:03
    slathe: Nick Bradbury: Some Customers Suck http://t.co/9nTVti3 Yep, and some people suck as well. What Nick says is a good lesson.

    2011-02-10 02:44:56
    slathe: There are many better ways.... "Getting high from snakebites" ¬´ http://t.co/Ijge3fS

    2011-02-10 00:50:19
    slathe: RT @Abdulla_AlAthba: Girl at #Tahrir holds sign: "Uncle Hosni, can you please leave so that Dad switches off #AlJazeera and turns on car ...

    2011-02-09 06:50:43
    slathe: I suspect no bill was sent to Fox or the NFL: "The Era of Belt-Tightening" http://t.co/qfGSR0n

    2011-02-09 01:42:41
    slathe: And not nearly as evil as the world wide corporate state.

    2011-02-09 01:41:55
    slathe: No comparison to organized gov. "@wired: Organized Crime: The World's Largest Social Network (Interactive infographic). http://ow.ly/3SPxm"

    2011-02-09 01:37:58
    slathe: RT @normative: 148 people who deserve a round of applause #PatriotAct http://bit.ly/hPYPa2 (via @jbarro)

    2011-02-09 01:06:22
    slathe: The great bald eagle comeback | Iowa City Press Citizen http://t.co/ZHOboXC #birding

    2011-02-09 00:07:27
    slathe: If becoming potus is finishing 1st then numbers 7 and 1 are a good match: "What They're Reading on College Campuses" http://t.co/Ud0bmzG

    2011-02-09 00:03:33
    slathe: WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices | The Guardian http://t.co/Fy1Xanj #peakoil

    2011-02-09 00:00:48
    slathe: Something to go along with the Chrysler Super Bowl add: "Urinals of the Day: Detroit, Michigan" | http://t.co/FPYvqnq

    2011-02-09 23:13:28
    slathe: Does Anyone Read Facebook’s Fine Print? http://t.co/Uus1ye1 #obama

    2011-02-09 21:47:51
    slathe: RT @episod: You know one way Bank of America could get ahead of its dirty little wikileak? Spilling the beans first.

    2011-02-09 21:35:17
    slathe: RT @Kyrion: Oh sweet mama, daddy's got them Deep Elem Blues... http://youtu.be/qx1LqnIJLj8

    2011-02-09 21:33:44
    slathe: RT @TimHarford: My recommendations for best economics podcasts: http://goo.gl/ovTse NB @planetmoney @owenbarder @EconTalker @freakonomic

    2011-02-09 20:07:05
    slathe: End #copyright monopoly "Recording Industry Persecution Complex: Claiming EMI's Plight Is Due To File Sharing" | http://t.co/My83R3J

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