Movable Type

Invisible Adjunct posts a nice piece on the tribulations of the newcomer to Movable Type. Yep, it is not quite the same as starting that first Blogger site: name it and start posting. Movable Type does have a learning curve and Invisible Adjunct speaks for me: each confusing item he mentions hit me as well. The answer may be Movable Type for Dummies. Or, a more complete discussion of this stuff in the documantation. And, I agree Trackback was/is a bit confusing.
Now, on to that 3 column layout. This is my next tweak. I’ve been collecting samples and am leaning toward using a Table to create the structure instead of CSS. Whichever it is will be an experiment and I do plan to use a test blog as a learning tool. I’ll get right on this in a couple weeks when taxes are done.