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2 thoughts on “Friday Ark in Drydock

  • Order Tramadol Online Mastercard Tramadol Drug Buyers

    Dear friend of nature, the critterverse and The Opinionated Pussycats…

    It is so wonderful to welcome you back to blogging after a long, well deserved, time away to recharge….
    Yet, I am sad as well.

    Friday Ark meant so much to so many and to Mr. Nikita, Elvira Mistress of Felinity and to me, as well…don’t you ever doubt that for a moment!

    I understand your choice to retire it from weekly appearance and thank you so very much for quoting us and linking to us, in this post, as you explained your reasons.

    Both Elvira & I plan to recognize this end of an era on our blogs in the coming days and I plan to keep up with you as you move forward with Modulator.

    For now, take care, my friend…and purrs and purrayers from The Opinionated Pussycats.