6 thoughts on “Microsoft Popups

  • kevin parsons

    Yes pop-ups are making my life miserable, ever since we got some upgrade software from microsoft.Pop up ads have been unbelievable 40 -50 per day Porn pop-up`s included,NIGHTMARE when you have got two kids, its impossible to get rid of, sp thanks very much MICROSOFT software (inbuilding guys) hope your kids get the service you give to us poor sod`s

  • Theresa

    I have aol but keep getting popups from microsoft so bad I cant even play games or anything but cas I get so many that it will freeze my pc sometimes Can anyone give me any advice? Please. Thank you

  • Kathy

    I see many comments on my exact problem…popups from Microsoft. However, I don’t see any responses on how to fix this annoying problem. Where should I look to find the answer (if there is one) on how to stop these? Thanks.

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