Daily Archives: May 10, 2004

Who Is to Blame?

For you being overweight?
Too many would like to foist the blame on corporations and governments. For example:

This Westernization — in some circles, Americanization — of the global culinary landscape no doubt contributed to the fattening of the world. But many obesity experts say it’s hard to know where to place the blame.
“What we’re looking at is not solely an American phenomenon, but a transnational corporation phenomenon,” Rigby said.

Rigby is policy director for the International Obesity Task Force.
Then there is this:

Choice also applies to foreign governments, which Paul Zimmet, director of the International Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia, said have played an equal role in allowing poor diets to become a health crisis.
Governments haven’t done enough to make healthy foods affordable and physical fitness accessible, he said.

Just when did these things become governmental functions?
Zombyboy places the focus right where it belongs:

It is much easier to blame international corporations and America instead of focusing responsibility on the choices individuals make, though. It also takes responsibility for the effects of choices away from those individuals–instead of changing lifestyles and making hard choices, there’s a possible payday from the latest round of lawsuits against the people selling the food.
Eating healthy and getting exercise aren’t things that are forced on us, they are simple choices that we make on a daily basis. That many of us tend to make those choices poorly is not an indictment of an industry or a nation, it’s an indictment against us.

Folks, put the fork down and take a walk!