Daily Archives: January 3, 2006

Atlanta Flies Past Chicago

Atlanta had more takeoffs and landings than Chicago in 2005:

The FAA said Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport finished 2005 with 980,197 takeoffs and landings, while Chicago O’Hare International Airport ended the year second with 972,246.

The Atlanta airport for the last several years has been the busiest airport in terms of passengers. FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said today that full-year numbers in that category are not yet available for 2005.

Well, I hadn’t realized that Atlanta was even close to Chicago. Little places like Los Angeles International and Dallas-Fortworth International are far behind.

NB: As usual the linked article has no links to the supporting FAA data and 5 minutes fingering through the FAA site did not yield any meaningful info either…but, then, it might just be the researcher….