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Rohan Sources

Impearls notes that Jackson modeled the Rohan on �horsey Vikings� and then writes a long and interesting article on the Sarmatians and suggests that they also could have been viewed as a model for the Rohan. Impearls also suggests that in the future he will look at other possible historical models for the Rohan.
Professor Bainbridge disagrees a bit:

…offers up a thoughtful argument criticizing Peter Jackson’s decision to model the Rohirrim after “horsey vikings,” and suggesting that the Sarmatians would have made a better model

Now in my reading of Impearls he seemed to say that not only was he not criticizing Jackson’s approach but, rather, was quite happy with it and that his intent is simply to look at the Sarmatians as another historical analogue that might have served as a model for the Rohan.
Read Impearls and decide whether the Sarmatians would make a good model for the Rohan. Bainbridge thinks not and provides a number of reasons.
Via Eugene Volokh.
Update(1/5): I belatedly correct the 3 misspelling of Sarmations. Having just read a book called Mars Crossing I clearly was hoping that Impearls essay was about a long lost Martian civilization.

No They do Not

As many of you know the French government is dabbling with dress codes:

President Jacques Chirac of France has called for a law banning Islamic head scarves and other religious symbols in state schools, strengthening France’s commitment to secularism.

Sadly, at least one major Muslim cleric thinks that this is ok:

The grand sheik of Al Azhar, Muhammad Sayed Tantawi, told reporters that although wearing the head scarf, or hijab, was a religious duty, governments of non-Muslim countries had the right to pass any laws they liked.

He argues first that Muslims living in non-Muslim countries must follow the local laws even if they conflict with Islamic law. This is fine.
However his argument that governments have the right to pass any laws they like is false and we all need to speak up and say no when we hear arguments like this.
What folks wear as they go about their daily lives, even in tax funded schools, is not a legitimate interest of any government.
A French spokesperson says:

“You shouldn’t see in it a humiliation for anyone,” Mr. Sarkozy said. “You shouldn’t see in it a lack of respect for your religion. You must understand that secularism is our tradition, our choice.”

Sorry, it is a lack of respect for their religion and, more importantly, it is a lack of respect for the targeted individuals.

Voting for Pot

Alaskans will vote next fall:

Registered voters will get a chance to decide next year whether to legalize private use of marijuana for Alaskans 21 and older.

In one sense it is a good thing that this is on the ballot. The good citizens of Alaska may thumb their noses at their elected representatives.
However, this is not something that should ever end up on the ballot. Nor, in the first place, should legislatures or congresses or parliaments be ruling one way or another on this or similar issues.
Via Via the Media Awareness Project.