Wherefore art thou, capitalism?

Some folks are talking about this article by Anatole Kaletsky.

Right Thinking uses the article to seque into a look at the origin of Mayday.

Curveball thinks the article is right on.

au currant(who does not seem to have permalinks so page down to the next to last may 1 post) tells us that

Shopkeepers all over London were boarding up their windows and doors yesterday in anticipation of soapdodgers throwing a temper tantrum against The Man today

And Instapundit tells us “He’s right, of course,” when Kaletsky says

For if there is one social principle on which all economists, historians and politicians must now surely agree, it is that capitalism has done more than any other human construct to benefit working people around the world.

I kind of doubt that all those folks will agree with him on this. But they should. And the world might want to head on a straight line to capitalism and get rid of this statist cronyism that continues to be mislabeled as capitalism. Then the working people around the world will begin to see real benefits.