Lying to the People

The Talking Dog is angry again and I don’t blame him:

This is how the fucking Soviet Union did things. It is, therefore, by definition, un-American. Forget the 16 words, ladies and gentlemen. If the New York Congressional delegation had any balls, this would be the subject of endless harpings until a full Congressional investigation of this was held. If this shit really did start in the Oval Office (i.e., Karl or Dick’s idea), then articles of impeachment aren’t good enough (though they would be a good start.)

I was nauseated this morning when I read in today’s Seattle Times that the White House directed the EPA to lie to the citizens of New York City. That this could possibly be justified by national security is ridiculous.
Update 8/24: The Mahablog
has a long piece on this today and suggests that New Yorkers may not be welcoming the liers with open armswhen they show up for their convention. (Still can’t find permalinks on this blog so look to the 8/24 entries)