Linking the New York Times

I might start reading the New York Times more frequently again. I had put them way down my list many months ago when they started breaking links to their articles.
Now, new to me, but apparently circulating in some circles since last June is a method for creating links to NYT articles that have some staying power though the process isn’t as simple as one might hope and might require a change your preferred Times reading method.
So, thanks to Kevin Drum for this tutorial (Hat tip to Lisa Williams who gave Kevin the pointer).
Via Outside the Beltway.
Update (11/25): Mary at Pacific Views adds this tip:

Aaron Swarz has a site that provides a link generator for NY Times articles after June 23. This utility is quite nice and provides you an easy way to take a standard NYTimes link and create the USERLAND link that will work forever when linked into a blog.

I have not tested this yet.