He Just Doesn’t Know…

…so, what the heck, he’ll just make it up.
I haven’t checked the schedule but, surely, the RNC won’t be letting hastert anywhere close to a microphone during the convention will they. On the other hand, he is just making it up so maybe he would fit…
Ok, I know I shouldn’t treat this stuff seriously but hastert is probably dumb like a fox.
He knows, as does anyone else who thinks much about it, that the drug cartels are most likely going to support those who will implement programs that keep drug prices artificially high.
So, in the spirit of at least part of mccain’s presentation tonight let’s consider a bipartisan sweeping out of office of all those democrats, republicans and any others who by their ongoing support of the drug cartels and the war on drugs destroy so many lives every day.
Via Electrolite.