Save $, Stay Healthy

Just ignore the antibacterial cleaning products:

A study by Dr. Elaine Larson at the Columbia School of Nursing called into question the usefulness of antibacterial products for the home. In New York, 224 households, each with at least one preschooler, were randomly assigned to two groups. One group used antibacterial cleaning, laundry and hand-washing products. The other used ordinary products.
For 48 weeks, the groups were monitored for seven symptoms of colds, flu and food poisoning – and found to be essentially the same. According to Dr. Gerba’s research, an active adult touches an average of 300 surfaces every 30 minutes. You cannot win at this. You will become obsessive-compulsive. Just wash your hands with soap and water a few times a day, and leave it at that.
Yep, wash your hands and refrigerate spoilable food.