Monthly Archives: February 2005

Microsoft Malware

Perhaps showing their true colors Microsoft makes it pretty clear that they are no better and perhaps worse than the proverbial fox guarding the hen house:

Microsoft should be ashamed of itself for trying to turn its own security flaw to its commercial gain. There’s no reason to believe that customers installing a mandatory security fix also want to change their browser home page to an MSN portal, and there’s even less excuse for trying to spring a change on the unwary.
Interestingly, the test version of Microsoft’s new AntiSpyware program does something similar.

Of course, if you are not using IE as your browser you did not notice this happening to you. Hint, hint.
And, why shouldn’t Microsoft owe, say, $5 compensation to everyone who had to spend time reconfiguring their systems as a result of this theft.

The No-Comments Guy Comments

Just because….
In addition to being a thoughtful and interesting writer on many topics Will Baude is noted for his dislike of comments and does not have them on Crescat Scententia.
But he can’t resist writing them elsewhere:

I have been posting too much in the comments of other blogs lately; unfortunately, I don’t have a script that would automatically track all of my comments all over the web onto one page.

He was looking for that script last year:

Still, it would be nice if there were simple software that let a roaming blogger automatically have a sidebar on his blog that said something like: “These are the recent comments I have made on other weblogs…” with relevant links.

Seems to me that this would be pretty easy to accomplish with Blogrolling or some other link list tool. And, I for one, would go check out some some of Will’s comments.
However, I think Will once suggested something like this: if a post is worth commenting on it warrants a post on your own blog (which the first link above kind of represents…).