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Friday Ark

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Indonesia Illigitimacy

Indonesia demonstrates that, like most other modern governments, its laws, its government do not deserve the respect of its citizens or others around the world:

Accused Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has been found guilty by an Indonesian court of importing marijuana into Bali.

Interfering with the consensual exchange of goods and services between individuals is not a legitimate governmental function.
In this case it looks like the victim might not even have been involved in the drug trade.

No More Netgear Equipment

Tegan will not be buying any Netgear equipment in the future:

So that’s it. I’ll never buy another one of their products again. And if anyone asks me, I’ll tell them to avoid Netgear like the plague, because Netgear doesn’t care about its customers.

I used to be a happy Netgear customer as well but the last Netgear wireless router I bought was incredibly flaky so I spent $60 on a newer Belkin model which has been just fine for the last year.
This equipment is becoming so inexpensive and so widely distributed that I don’t believe vendors can really afford to provide much direct customer support. So, the product better work out of the box, be well documented both online and with a local copy (hey, if it is broken you may not be able to get online) and the software upgrade process should be a snap.
Hey, when my $39-$69 phone breaks I just toss it in the trash and go to the nearest store and buy another one which may not be the same brand.
Same with home routers.