This Should Be Bundled In The OS!

Microsoft has been hammered over the years for bundling functionality into Windows that many think should be sold/given away separately. However, when it comes to stuff that really should be in the OS like, well, security they decide to deliver and charge for it separately:

Microsoft’s new Windows Live OneCare product will be in stores tomorrow. The subscription service costs $50 a year for up to three computers, and includes anti-virus and anti-spyware features, the ability to back up photos and other files, regular “PC tune-ups” and phone support.

I’d expect that Microsoft would not be investing in and rolling out this product if they did not expect these problems to be around for a long time. Does this mean that Microsoft is now incented to ensure that Windows XP and the future Windows Vista do not provide the levels of security that users should expect from their operating system?

It sure seems to imply that Vista will not solve these problems for users….