Make the Spammers Pay

Oh joy, paying bills today.
There are a bunch of spam snail mails in the inbox and this seems like a great time to join Corsair the Rational Pirate in a reasonable campaign to make the spammers pay a bit more for intruding into our lives:

Whenever you get junk mail promising you a new credit card and it comes with one of those postage paid return envelopes, go ahead and send it back in. Just the envelope, I mean. You can also fill the envelope with the credit card offers from the other companies that you got on the same day since you, like me probably get more than one per day.

This also moves this crap from your waste stream back into theirs.

f you really want to hurt them, and you should, use cash as often as possible. Everytime you do this the financial companies lose money and there is one less entry for you in various databases.