What would Mr Dewey say about her?

There is a new search tool on The Internets. It might even have been made with w in mind. I’ll let Professor Myers describe it for you:

Microsoft has added everything to a search engine that you’ve missed in Google: long load times, half of the screen space dedicated to flash animation and another quarter just empty charcoal grey, results that are shown 3 at a time and displayed in a light gray font on a distracting pale graphic, and most importantly, the most annoying librarian in the universe, Ms. Dewey, who seems to be there to nag you to type faster and mock you if she doesn’t understand your request.

Yes, she will mock you:

Are you just letting your dog type now?

It wasn’t hard to get her to say:

It’s easy to make jokes about the president. So easy, I’m going to pass on it.

Maybe if they gave her a few more waiting for input routines one wouldn’t get totally annoyed by the time you are able to read the 3 search responses and figure out how to scroll for more that you can’t read.
If you are not in a hurry for your answers or turn out to be more interested in hers….well, go try it out.

NB: Ms. Dewey will show you her hands tied behind her back, admits to being coded overseas and does give a page of the Kama Sutra an intrigued bit of study. All of which means that I’ve wasted way too much time at this site!