The Whole Thing is A Disaster

Scott Thill aptly describes* the current state of the war on drugs:

The war on drugs is a fucking disaster, except for the law enforcement and prison industries, who make a pretty penny off its wrongheaded persecution of small-timers when white-collar cocks grift billions in wars we don’t need using the bodies of those they would save from the horrors of marijuana.

Unfortunately he forgets his own lesson:

Uh, first of all, we’re talking about differentiating weed from heroin and coke, so kudos to Riley for linking the two back together again in attempt to keep the guilt-by-proximity criminalization streak alive.

Sorry Scott, but what you said: the war on drugs is a fucking disaster. Sure, you might get pot legalized someday. You will, though, still be left with a war on drugs that is a fucking disaster perpetrated by a bunch of immoral thugs.

Isn’t it about time to remove the perps from power?

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