How To Get Your Biology Questions Answered!

Ask a Biologist!

This is a special site aimed at schools and devoted to providing the best scientific information available to school kids around the UK (but don’t be put off, we will accept questions from anyone who asks). I’m sorry to say that we are not here to do your homework for you, but if you want more information on any aspect of biology ( the study of life) or palaeontology (the study of the history of life) then we are here to help. …..
Collectively we are a group of over 50 professional scientists, (museum and ecology workers, PhD students, lecturers, researchers, PostDocs and even the odd professor!) who want to help you out. We think that kids don’t always get the access to real scientific information (or real scientists!) outside of the classroom so we are here to do just that…. These people are giving up their free time to help you, so please use them to learn and enjoy science, between us we work on dinosaurs, sea scorpions, ecology, biogeography, human evolution, spiders, cell biology, evolution, birds, animal behaviour, physiology, forests, insects, conservation, genetics, fish, development, and plenty more besides.
We believe in being honest: if we (or science) as a whole do not know the answer, then we will say so. If there is a debate on the subject we will give you both sides and the reasons why we may favor one or the other. We want you to enjoy science and to be as excited about life as we are.

Go ask a question or find and answer.

Via Pharyngula.