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Friday Ark #158

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Birders: I and the Bird: A Blog Carnival for Bird Lovers is published every 2 weeks. The 58th edition is up and hosted by The Nightjar. The 59th edition will be hosted on 10/4 by the Naturalist Notebook.

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Over the past month or so Haloscan started (the end of July) handling of trackbacks has improved though it is still pretty broken for carnival type posts. Now, instead of rejecting every attempt to ping it accepts single pings for a while and then will start rejecting them. I will keep trying to track back to Haloscan boarders but can make no guarantees for any particular week.

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A Little Bit of Possible Good News

A sure way to begin holding the line on greenhouse gas emissions and oil dependency is to reduce the rate of growth in gasoline usage and eventually to start reducing total gasoline usage.
From Texas this good news:

State transportation officials announced today that rising costs, dwindling federal funds, and lawmakers’ opposition to private-sector investment in toll projects have combined to force it to sharply scale back construction plans.
“The people of Texas need to understand that within a very short period of time, there will be no money for mobility projects,” said Texas Transportation Commission member Ned Holmes of Houston.
The affected projects will be those designed to build new roads, or add lanes to existing roads. Projects already under contract and those designed to maintain or rehabilitate existing roads won’t be affected.

Yep, stop building new roads to reduce the growth rate in fuel consumption.

Bless the High-tech churches

For they know exactly what they are doing:

Last year, churches spent $8.1 billion on audio and projection equipment, according to Texas-based TFCinfo, an audiovisual market research firm. Today, 80 percent of churches integrate elaborate video and audio systems as well as an array of online materials into their worship services, and at least a dozen magazines cater to the high-tech pious.

Like ordinary businesses we can expect cults and scam artists to try to maximize their take utilizing available tools.

Do You Love These Google Services Enough?

This fellow thinks there are at least 10 Google services that you do not love enough.
The good news: there are some excellent tools on the list. For instance, I’ve been using Google Alerts (#9 on the list) for a few years now with regular useful results.
The bad news: there is no mention of the criteria the list maker used. I suspect he wanted to make a list of 10 items.
Via The Presurfer.