What’s This?

Write down your answer before you go below the fold to find out what this is (click on image to see it full size):

This is one of the co-winners of the 2007 Visualization Challenge:

Human anatomy it may be, but the airways that riddle the space behind our noses take on an alien aspect in this unearthly rendering created by Kai-hung Fung, a radiologist at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Hong Kong.
A computed tomography (CT) scan from a 33-year-old Chinese woman being examined for thyroid disease provided the raw data for Fung’s rendering. He stacked together 182 thin CT “slices” to create a 3D image looking upward at the sinuses from underneath the head.

All the winners and honorable mentions are fascinating. Set aside a little time to be blown away and, perhaps, learn a thing or three.

Via Greg Laden.