Bear Jam

Now would be a fine time to be grizzly viewing in the Tetons:
But you had better hurry:

Bear watchers eager to get a last glimpse of Grand Teton’s most famous grizzly family likely have only weeks before the cubs set out to fend for themselves.
Grizzly bear No. 399 and her three cubs recently emerged from their den and are, once again, providing park visitors with spectacular viewing opportunities and photographs around Jackson Lake Lodge and Oxbow Bend.
Mother bears, like No. 399, usually allow their cubs to stay with them for just more than two years, and she’ll likely encourage her offspring to leave sometime between May and July, Grand Teton senior biologist Steve Cain said. Rarely, mother bears allow their cubs to den with them for a third full winter.

If you find yourself in a bear jam please do not feed the bears and stay far away from them!