bush Says Iraq/Afghanistan Wars Will Be Over By The November Election

(Erratum: Well, no bush didn’t say that. The quote below turns out to be from ghwb in 1992. My failure to read the source close enough!! Too bad the Title isn’t true. I’ll leave the original post intact below… (Thanks to Alison for pointing this out!)
And, apparently, he won’t be starting another one in Iran.
Can you see any other way to read this?

But let me tell you this. I am quietly confident about the election this fall. In sum, I am absolutely convinced as this economy moves back, as we sort out where everybody stands on these highly complex issues, when the country assesses the fact that we are at peace and that our children go to bed at night with less fear of nuclear war — and that is a major accomplishment of which I am very proud to have been a part — …, I am absolutely convinced we’re going to win this election.

…assesses the fact that we are at peace… seems quite clear.

Via Lawyers, Guns and Money.