Who Wants To Be “led?”

Mark Brady asks:

…presidential hopeful Barack Obama yesterday explained his foreign policy. He called for “America — once again — to lead”, to be “ready to engage the world”, “to lead the world anew.”
Does it ever occur to the Columbia-and-Harvard-educated Barack Obama that perhaps the world does not want to be “led” by the United States?

I’m sure it has no more occurred to him than to the current occupant, to mccain or to any of the previous presidents.
Nor has it probably occurred to him that most of us, we the people, don’t want to be “led” either. At least not by fiat.
Rather, be a good government*: do your basic job of dealing with perps who use force or fraud to get their way; deliver a judicial system that provides timely services and response times; and leave the rest of us to our lives, our liberty and our pursuit of happiness.
And, as far as leadership goes: set a good example and if you can be persuasive enough perhaps you will generate a consensus to complete certain activities. Otherwise, go away.

*Possible oxymoron acknowledged.