Ignorance or Intentional Lying?

When I’m out in the car on a Saturday afternoon I usually check into the discussion on Ring of Fire for a while. Kennedy and Papantonio often have interesting interviews although Papantonio reminds me of a lefty Hannity.
I tuned in this afternoon and landed in the midst of the two hosts touting the supremacy of the European economic models over the failed soviet model and, I paraphrase closely, the just collapsed/failed American laissez-faire capitalism model.
Kennedy repeats the mantra, failed laissez-faire captalism many times, apparently wanting his listenners to pick this up as a phrase to be repeated.
Unfortunately, the laissez-faire thing did not collapse, did not fail; has not existed in years, if ever. The thing that has recently failed, that is causing so much havoc around the world, is yet another iteration of state capitalism.
I do not believe Kennedy is so ignorant as to not know the differences. Therefore I can only conclude that he is simply lying.
Otherwise, he would be reporting that both the republicans and the democrats do little other than continue to support variations on the plans and programs that brought us both the first great depression, the current mess and most, if not all, the failures that so-called progressives love to rant about.
An honest speaker would tell us that there may be some programs, some stimulus, some spending, that might reduce some of the symptoms for a while but that until the entire system is unraveled and rebuilt we will not cure the disease.

Until that happens we will continue to get change that is more of the same.