Tossing Out the Internet Taliban

BoingBoing asks:

Why spend money on bad technology that doesn’t work?

With respect to SmartFilter* and other filtering companies the only good answer is don’t! We should all assist in the effort to keep dialogue, conversation and the free flow of information available to all.
It is not just BoingBoing that is being blocked or filtered by these systems. There is a very high liklihood that your blog is also on their lists. I know Modulator shows up on at least some censoring systems. In our local library system only those with the specially requested adult access privileges are able to read Modulator.
Here is BoingBoing’s Guide to Defeating Censorware. Use needed, spread the link far and wide, and send BoinbBoing your latest techniques.
Via Defense Technology.

*No link love from here for those who aid and abet the internet taliban.

The End of the ‘Best Of’ Discs?

Ann Althouse asks the vital question:

Should we care if iTunes is killing the marking for “best of” music collections?

My immediate response I don’t care if best of collections fade into history. I don’t buy them.
Let’s, though, take this as a serious question and read the linked article. We need only read part way down the first page to see that Ann’s question distorts the article which posits a hypothetical question:

What if fans who might have paid for a full album of “the very best” of an established act instead choose to pay substantially less and simply buy the very, very best song?

And, after discussing various aspects of the question they get to this:

In many instances, however, record executives say online sales do not appear to be hurting their best sellers.

It appears that for, at least the folks with a substantive set of work, the best ofs will be successful for some time more. And, if a one/two hit wonder’s best of sales plummet to zero, well, great! This is as it should be and the saved money will be spent on something else.

Creative destruction in action.

Open(ing) Content

I have way too much in my reading queue. Still, it’s great news that several magazines including one of my old favorites, Fortune, are opening up access to their content:

Folks, here is the good news…. all Business 2.0 archives and new articles are wide open, no subscription necessary! You said…. “bring down those walls….” and we did. Not just Business 2.0, but also Fortune and Money.

Via beSpacific.