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Talkleft brings us this law-enforcement news:

Police in Wausau, Wisconsin claim they can tell a drugged driver by whether his or her tongue has a green tint to it.

and predicts that “this pseudo-science will never make it into a courtroom.”

Apparently it already has made it to judges but not admitted as evidence:

Ultimately, these facts became part of the record of the Pierce County District Court DRE decision in which the district court judges, sitting as a panel, determined that the conclusions of a “Drug Recognition Expert” would not be admitted into evidence because there was an insufficient showing of reliabilty of a DRE officer’s opinion regarding the presence of a specific drug or category of drugs. (State v. Floyd, Pierce County District Court No.97800732.)

Does anyone have any anecdotal evidence to support the green tongue theory?

31 thoughts on “Green Tongue and Drugs

  • Jerrold McKibben

    I have a green tongue and have had for a number of years. I take only prescribed medications. No over the counter meds. I take Celexa, Lithium, Xanax, and Trazadone for Bipolar Disorder.
    I would hate to be stopped and arrested because I have green tongue
    and on

  • Jim

    I have a case where an officer testified that the suspect was under the influence of marijuana because of red eyes and a “green tinge” to the tongue. I have obtained a copy of the Drug Recognition Expert Student Manual” and haven’t found anything in it about this…where is this voo doo science coming from?

  • Herb Carnagey

    I just went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and maybe take a sublingual vitamin B that I forgot to take this morning. I look at my tongue and it has a green tint to it. I think that it may be because of the mint that my wife gave me about 7 hours ago but this seems unlikely because of the time span. I scrape my tongue against my teeth thinking that the color will probably scrape off. It doesn’t. I wonder what is up with this. I figure I will go to the Internet and type in Green Tongue and see what comes up. That is why I am typing this right now. This is odd to me.
    Regarding the drug issue: My doctor just gave me a prescription for Celebrex about 4 days ago. It is the only significant change in my drug intake for some time and I have never noticed a green tongue before. I also take a blood pressure pill and a blood thinner (warfarin). I take nothing illegal and wonder now if the prescription drugs that I am now taking can cause green tongue. I will continue to search for an answer. I just thought I would record my experience here.
    In Wonder, Herb.

  • Debbie

    I take no medications or drugs and the past 2 mornings my tongue has been GREEN like eating a pixi-stix. I have no clue why, and stumbled on this web-site to see what’s wrong with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • would rather remain nameless

    I must admit I smoke marijuana. I also have a green tongue. It’s not extremely green, but it is green.
    I try to keep myself in reasonably good health and I know smoking is a bad idea, but I do like to responsibly enjoy the effects of toking.
    I also came to this site in the same way as Debbie – I was a bit concerned about how green my tongue was and wondered if it was as a result of smoking weed. I find it somehwat reassuring that plenty of people who don’t smoke it also have green tongues.
    To my fellow green-tonguers: I salute you!

  • James Buchanan

    I have been a little concerned for a while over a regular coating on my tongue, . I have been to the doctor twice as personally I have always understood the tonque to be a good indicator of general health. twice I am advised to use a tongue scraper of brush my tonque (which I do) I reguarly have a rather disgusting taste in my mouth and bad breath I think. recently ( I have noticed an light olive green colour to the coating, that I have not been concious of before) i have taken 100-150 mg sertraline for approx 10 years, recently I have begun taking carbamazapine the tongue coating predates my starting this drug but as mentioned before I have only noticed in the last couple of weeks the green colour.

  • doougle

    This morning I too had a geen tongue. I’de had no candy or meds. I did toke some the night before.
    Could this be related? I’ve been ‘toking’ for years, and have never even heard of duch a thing.
    The color is somewhere between green and aqua-blue.
    As they say in the chat rooms… WTF?

  • patrick

    I too have a green tongue. I am writing this in an internet cafe in the beautiful little village of St Aubin in Jersey. My girlfriend does not have a green or red tongue. We are both drinking red wine and yet my tongue is still green. I have consulted other web sites and I think I have a pitta imbalance. This is something to do with ayuvedic medicine or something.
    I have not had a “toke”
    I do not take illegal or legal drugs
    I do like a good tiramisu
    All those other pink/pale white tonguers are jealous!

  • Jeremiah

    I smoke weed all the time and my tongues green right now but I think it might be from me being sick…. is that possible?

  • jenn

    Some of the new toothpastes are LOADED with blue coloring and ‘breath strips’ which might make the green thing happen. Also I occasionally take Xanax and lots of vitamin supplements and drink/eat lots of dairy so that could be the culprit…I’ve scraped my tongue but it makes me gag and does’nt help much. I’m thinking its the toothpaste. I’ve stopped gargling because it only dries out your mouth/tongue and makes it worse.

  • Shaun

    *standing up* My name is Shaun, and I too have a green tongue. I have heard a green tongue is related to the liver, but I’m not sure how or why. If anybody has any more information, please share. Personally, I think the tooth paste theory hits the nail on the head. I’ll change tooth paste and hope for the best 🙂
    Good luck green tongue brothers and sisters. We shall over come!

  • wowsan

    Hmm.. came home tonight after a night of drinking rice wine and draft beer with my friends in Korea and suddenly I have a green tongue like a leprechaun. I take no meds but I drink quite a bit. I noticed, even before I saw the green, a small bump on my tongue while out in the cafe. That’s why I looked at my tongue when I got home. Is there a prognisis or a cure? Should I be worried??

  • fluke

    hi…i have finally found a place i belong like tiger in winnie the pooh movie….i am not alone 🙂 my brothers and sisters who have the green tongue syndrome i can finally walk down the street with my tongue held high… can we have a green tongue annual meeting…..fluke

  • Linda

    Hi – fellow green munchins. I too have a green tonge. I’ve been to the doctor and prescribed some meds (forget name) for what possibly could be “thrush” (It was an anti-biotic). Guess what ? didn’t work. – went and seen another doctor – he prescribed a gargling type of penisulin, but guess what. – right. I’m scared to kiss my husband and am desperately looking for answers. Otherwise, feel alright ?? –


    OK SO I have green tongue like the rest of you folk. i might add i also smoke the gangeeez on occasion. i recently noticed i had this green tongue condition that all of you seem to have. i thought it might have been also the tooth paste but i guess it’s not the case since my girlfriend doesnt have this condition (we live together same toothpaste same toilet paper yada yada u get the drift). well any way her toungue is nice clean and pink. so i came across this message board read your posts and for some reason i decided to brush my teeth and see if it would still be there. Well i scraped my toungue and after thoroughly brushing my teeth/toungue and mouthwashed, it was still there but not as much. so i wondered “what if it’s bacteria or sumthing?” so ladies and gentlemen i think i found the cure. so as i was about to gargle yet again with astringosol i looked at my bottle of hand soap(soft soap brand the gel kind) and it said “anti-bacterial”. i pumped a nice amount on my toothbrush and i began to brush my toungue. when i was done i had to rinse with water for a bit because the perfume taste in my mouth smelled good but the taste was pretty un-f*ckin-pleasant. but the results made the nasty perfume taste all the better. my toungue was now pinker than my girl’s pleasure portal. i recommend all of you try it. i’m pretty sure all of you can handle it, i know there has been a time in your life when you had to brush with hand soap because u ran out of toothpaste and you were too lazy to get out and walk to the corner store to buy some more. hopefully all of you get the same results. peace!

  • llil pookie

    I too woke up this morning and notice my tongue was green too. What the feezy must be the green bud!!!

  • Ariana

    i occationally get a green tongue. it looks as if i have just used mouthwash or eaten a very green piece of candy. it is on the area of my tongue that usually has a white/pink tint to it, near the back. I cannot brush it off when it is there, but it goes away by itself.
    i smoke weed, occationally, and it sometimes occurs when i am high. i also regularly take celexa and buspar, and occationally take lorazopam (ativan, a benzodiazepine like xanax).
    at any rate, its rather perplexing, but i am glad that other people experience it as well. hopefully it isnt an early sign to some disease, though. thats the only reason im slightly weirded out by the green tongue enigma.

  • ChefWear

    I wanna hear some more results on the antibacterial soap scrubbing technique before I wash my own mouth out with soap.

  • Penny

    I have a green tongue.I was on alot of antiboitics for about 8 weeks because of infection from surgery. Rhus is the third time in the last 2 months that my tongue has been like this ,not only is it green but every sore .The roof & back of my mouth & throat is quite sore as well.Each time the doctor order a anti funguil gargle .It goes away but comes back about a week after I am done of the medication.I am wondering if this is thrush

  • Penny

    I have a green tongue.I was on alot of antiboitics for about 8 weeks because of infection from surgery. Rhus is the third time in the last 2 months that my tongue has been like this ,not only is it green but every sore .The roof & back of my mouth & throat is quite sore as well.Each time the doctor order a anti funguil gargle .It goes away but comes back about a week after I am done of the medication.I am wondering if this is thrush

  • Bud Wilton

    I too have a green coating on my tongue. I have just come back from the 3rd visit to a doctor to ask about it and he doesn’t know what causes it and doesn’t want to take the time to try and diagnose it.
    I see many others have the same but there doesn’t seem to be any answers as to what causes it on this site.

  • Brittany

    Well, I just went to the bathroom to bruch my teeth, and I noticed that there was a greenish color under my tongue. I also spotted a green spot on the side of my tongue. I’ve been typing in different things in search engines, but I’m still not too sure what caused this. If someone could give me any answers, they’d be deeply appreciated. I do smoke black and milds, daily, so maybe that may have a lot to do with it. I just hope that I’m not developing cancer of the mouth.

  • Brittany

    I meant to put brush not bruch. That is one of my pet peeves, so I had to correct myself. I’m still wondering what is causing this green tongue.

  • Bogusia

    My friend woke up this morning with a green tongue. He said it was a tribute to St. Patty’s Day that he celebrated yesterday. Well, I think it is more about his food poisoning and toxins lingering in his stomach, small and large intestines. He is on the way to see a doctor now. Your comments made him feel less lonely.

  • Bogusia

    My friend has just been told that his green tongue came from Pepto-Bismol that he took for his food poisoning. Sistas and brothers hand in there!

  • alex

    one morning i woke up with a green tongue. i went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth normally. then i rinsed with listerine and it was still there. so i brushed again but it was still there. so i looked on the net and found this site. i read about the soft soap thing. i didn’t have any soft soap but i do have dial which is also antibacterial. so i pumped some on my toothbrush and washed my tongue inside out. i scrubbed my mouth vigorously and i’ve been doing that ever since and my tongue is as pink as cotton candy. so thanks joaquin for the advice.

  • breezy

    I’ve had the worst sore throat I’ve every had for the past 4 days. It also came with a sore tongue that felt like it had a few small bumps but I couldn’t see any. I really thought I just burned it with some hot tea. I drink about 2 glasses of green tea per day. Anywho, I couldn’t get in to see my MD so I just took Aleve for the pain. That worked enough to make it less bothersome, but it was still noticeable. I didn’t have any other cold or fly symptoms.
    Then, just today a found that I had green tongue. I’ve never had this before. I don’t take any RX drugs, nor do I take any elicit. My daily routine is a multi-vit, C, Calcium, flax seed gel pill, digestive enzyme pill. I started taking zinc when I noticed the sore throat. Also, I had a cough for about a week before the sore throat happened.
    I thought I caught a bad bug from one of my foreign students (just arrived from Japan 2 seeks ago). Even thought I made them read and sign a house rules agreement, I caught both of them not washing their hands after using the toilet. I also caught them just rinsing their dishes and not using the dish soap and sponge. They claimed it is considered wasteful in their homes to use soap all the time. I had to show them that I have an abundance of soap and how to use it. Unbelieveable! Well, I’m sure I caught some bug from them! By the way, I am not being prejudice. This is the fifth set of students I’ve had from Japan and they all have this poor hygine issue. That is why I had to make up the house rules agreement. I have a suspicion that most people around the world (USA included) don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. Yuck!!
    Anyway, back to the green tongue. I never thought I’d willingly want to wash my mouth with soap, but I tied it and it works! I had to brush my sore green tongue about 4 times, but I noticed a change immediately. I always brush my tongue with toothpaste and brush, but that didn’t work. This did. Then, I took my tongue scraper (from the Dentist) and put some anti-bacterial soap on that as well. I scrubbed away and more came off. So, I thought why not gargle with it. I put a teaspoonfull in a small (dixie) cup and added some water and stirred to mix it all. I gargled and it was not bad. It did make some bubbles as you’d imagine, but it was not uncomfortable. This could be a fun addition to my shower routine. Blowing bubbles is fun!
    Thanks for the suggestion! It works!!!
    If anyone ever finds out what this condition is called and how we catch it and get rid of it permanently, please post it here. I checked WebMd, but didn’t get very far.

  • jelly

    I have wondered for a while, why I have a green tongue, and like you do when mashed looked for strange sites, just like this.
    Cheers guys, didn’t feel better to know I ain’t alone in this not so perfect world of all the pink tongue people

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