Is This Your America?

The other day I recommended this Dinesh D’Souza article.

Today, Leah over at Eschaton takes a dimmer view:

Worried that clueless Americans are getting all the wrong clues from the forces of negativity, both left AND right, (he’s nothing if not fair and balanced) Dinesh has prepared sort of a “Patriotism For Dummies”…

And the article is getting thoroughly fact checked in the comment thread.

I still think it is worth reading and thinking about.

  • Are the “10 great things” really great things?
  • Do they match your vision of where you want to live?
  • Do they fit in with ”…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…?
  • For those that you think are great things what actions will be necessary to achieve or enhance them?
  • Does the current US administration behave in a way that supports these “10 great things?”

Leah also points to this site which has a lot of succinct commentary on their answer to this last question.