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From the Washington Post:

Uday and Qusay Hussein, the two sons of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, were killed today by U.S. troops in a firefight in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez announced this afternoon in a news conference in Baghdad…….
The resistance was reportedly stiff when the U.S. troops arrived at the villa in Mosul this morning. Sanchez said the “suspects barricaded themselves in the house” and “died in a fierce gun battle.”
Four bodies were taken from the villa, but Sanchez said they have not yet confirmed the identities of the other two people. Four soldiers also were injured in the battle.
The dead did not include Saddam Hussein,

Hmmmmm….fierce gun battle and stiff resistance? Maybe these guys had 8 arms each or something. Wouldn’t it have been much more useful to have uday and qusay alive? You know, questions and answers??
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  • Nurse Ratched

    I seriously doubt either that they were going to get to take them alive or that they were going to provide any useful information if they had them. If anyone is used to dealing with mind games and manipulation, it would have to be those two. And better dead than loose. This may well affect the effectiveness of the resistance.

  • Steve

    It will be interesting to see whether this has any impact on the folks who are still defending their country (be it as saddam loyalists or people that aren’t happy with the occupying regime).
    And, yes, better dead then loose but I am not convinced that when the bushies kill people that might have been capturable that the optimum results occur.

  • Nurse Ratched

    Nor am I. I think Joel at Pax Nortona had a good point about war crimes tribunals being important. I doubt that the Husseins wouold have been forthcoming with any useful information, but the evidence that would have been presented at trial, to be preserved for history, would have been valuable.

  • John

    I’m from Australia, and feel ever so lucky to be able to see you people from an “outside the box” perspective.
    I have some trouble coming to terms with news of atrocities spilling into media agitators from both U.S., AUST. right faction and other similair socio-economic variants ,i.e. IRAQ.
    I’m sure as PHUCK the Bali victims along with Sept 11 would not want it on their conscience that US media are subdueing our world, children in tow – with graphic photos of extreme violence (dismembered boy soldiers…dead kids..etc),
    “oh you got to love that media!”, perpetuated upon the designated enemy of the month.
    I challenge anyone to reason why!? Better still, I ask that you do something.

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