Is it real or is it made for TV? 1 comment

Stephen Ives made:

‘Reporting America at War’ is a three-hour documentary film that chronicles American journalists who have witnessed and reported news from the battlefield. From San Juan Hill, World War II, Vietnam to the Persian Gulf, filmmaker Stephen Ives tells the dramatic stories and challenges of frontline reporting

In this interview when asked about the coverage of Jessica Lynch he said:

What’s significant about Jessica Lynch in terms of the future, is that the Army took their own cameras along the rescue mission. It’s not too big a stretch, I Believe, to imagination an ever increasingly sophisticated Pentagon shooting more and more of their own “news.” If that happens, it will challenge the media to avoid becoming a mouthpiece for propaganda

It is wise to look for independent verification for anything coming from the bush administration. And, I see no reason not to follow this rule for any future administration no matter whether democrat, republican or?
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