FCC headed in Wrong Direction 1 comment

Atrios states:

Some day our country is going to have to take a long hard look at itself and wonder why it tolerates massive amounts of violence on TV, but a single Boob is capable of driving us collectively insane.

And Jaquandor asks the same quesion this way:

why are we so incredibly tolerant of things in our popular culture like bullets shredding bodies, limbs being severed, and massive explosions killing hundreds — and yet so incredibly scandalized by a wide-angled shot, lasting for mere seconds, of a female breast whose nipple isn’t even exposed?

The FCC, to the extent it should do anything at all, would do well to ‘take a long hard look’ at this issue.

One thought on “FCC headed in Wrong Direction

  • zombyboy

    A couple of things: while I thought the boob was crass, tasteless, and unnecessary, I don’t think the FCC really needs to be getting so uptight about the whole thing. The question, though, is a good one.

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