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The Slitherly D is concerned with whether and how he might help a young woman mend her sartorial ways:

In the middle of a law school class, surrounded by 80 of her peers, she sits with a vacant expression displaying nearly a full square foot of conservative cut bikini bottom (rainbow striped today, for those keeping score). Most days one can see the bottom seam on her right thigh. Yes, really.

Will Baude in his usual thorough way when dealing with such matters comes to the conclusion that Slitherly should abstain from advising the lady.
I’m with Will on this and suggest that Slitherly if he really must pay attention to her undergarments instead of the lecture simply relax and enjoy the view.
Update: Dylan responds to Will here.

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  • m

    Appreciating beauty in a subtle way seems sensible to me. Like finding a twenty windblown on the sidewalk, would he turn it in or say a quiet “thank you.
    Advising her might wreck the day of other folks too, making this harmless joy go away.
    Life, you have to love its simple wonder, momentary rewards, epiphanous ecstacies.
    If you have the eyes to SEE them…

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