Monthly Archives: March 2004

Is Your Pop-up Blocker Working?

If not you might want to remedy the situation now (R):

The banner and pop-up ads placed by the Republican National Committee on about 1,400 sites starting March 19….

I’m not a democrat but I do concur with Charles Kuff’s sentiment:

Of course, as a good Democrat, I heartily cheer this effort. You go, guys! Spread those popups like kudzu!

It really is too bad they are not spending more of their money on this approach.
Via Sisyphus Shrugged.

Surf’s Up

New computer simulations suggest that Saturn’s moon Titan might be pretty entertaining for surfers:

Wind speeds of 20 km/h produce waves five metres high (16 feet). This is seven times as high as those produced on Earth by the same wind speed, although Titan’s lower gravity makes the waves more widely spaced and slower moving.
However, the wind speed estimates used are conservative and could be higher, generating truly giant waves.

Some improved wet suit designs will be needed to take adavantage…

Air America

Andrew Cline has a yawn for Air America:

I have questioned the concept of liberal talk radio before…… I don’t think it will draw much of an audience; it’s not a good business concept.

He has quite a bit to say about this and sums up with:

What sells in electronic media is ideological validation. The right has perfected its talking points and its media personalities to such an extent that they present an entertaining product for people who wish to bask in the glory of their own ideology. I do not believe this basking is a good thing for the continued health of a democratic republic. And I do not think liberals should stoop to imitating it. It’s a lot like admitting ideological defeat.

This seems about right. When I listen to the right wing talk folks I generally hear a lot of this basking and stroking and generally code words (liberal, hilory, bush hater, etc) substituting for thoughtful analysis. If this becomes all Air America offers then why bother.
But, I’ill withhold judgement until I’ve had a chance to listen for a few months.