Don’t Blame the Hammer,,,

The dollar rules:

My first reaction was one of righteous indignation. How could they expect me to be a party to wholesale theft of employee productivity? In an era when bankers and CEOs are looting the country, it was time for an honest man to come forward and say, “Enough!”
At some point, a dollar amount was mentioned, and I realized that the person who manufactures a hammer isn’t at fault if someone uses it to slay a suburban family who, for all you know, had it coming. All I would be doing is designing a simple web page; I wouldn’t be forcing anyone to watch incredibly exciting basketball games during work while getting paid at the same time. I call that free will, which I have been told is a good thing.

I clicked on the Boss Button once on Saturday and was not all that impressed with a quick visual glance at the page but it would probably work from a distance.
You might ask: Why did you need to click on the Boss Button on Saturday? And, I could answer: Just to see what the page looked like. Which is true as far as it goes.
For this I do blame CBS.
A deeper answer is that I had to watch the on demand coverage, thank you CBS and NCAA, both Saturday and Sunday because CBS does not make it otherwise possible for many of us to watch the games we want to watch.
I’d have liked to watch some of Cornell hammering Wisconsin. Not a chance on Northwest CBS. For me, it would not even come up on demand.
I’m all for not watching a boring game. Boring, though, is in the eye of the beholder. If my favorite team is beating up a 3 seed I want to watch it.

I want to watch it. I do not want to be switched away for 1 minute or most of the 2nd half. I want to watch it!!