obama Hammers bush

While it is not surprising that obama can run circles around bush there are some wins that are, perhaps, not so positive.
Of course, bush did leave a mess. Including an overall debt increase of $4.9 Trillion.
With all that bush stimulus spending Krugman was probably right in saying that obama’s $800 billion was too little.

But, then, with all that bush stimulus why was there a downturn at all…?

One Point for pelosi

She finally gets something right:

Big win for liberals: In an interview set to air on Ed Schultz’s show tonight, Nancy Pelosi will make it official: She’s opposed to allowing the measure banning the release of detainee photos to remain in the final war spending bill.
“I don’t think Congress should make an exception to FOIA,” Pelosi will say, her spokesperson, Brendan Daly, confirms to me.

The stripping of the measure is a big victory for liberals and civil libertarians, and puts the House Dem leadership at odds with the White House on a highly sensitive national security and civil liberties issue.

Please: transparency, transparency, transparency.
Only scoundrels hide behind the veil of national security.

Via Glenn Greenwald.

geithner Can Resign If He Wants

The Washington Post tells us

In excerpts released yesterday by CBS, Obama joked that even if Geithner offered to step down, he would say, “Sorry, buddy, you’ve still got the job.”

Except that geithner can leave this position any time he likes. It’s a free country, right?
Well, wrong. Just try quitting the military before the government wants you to.

Apparently it is not freedom they are fighting for.