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On the right side bar is the updated roll of Modulator’s 21 top referrers (normally 20 but there was a tie for 20th. Number 20 produced 13 referrals compared to 12 in December. Statistics are culled from AWStats running on Modulator’s server at Hosting Matters.
February churn was up from January with with 6 blogs dropped off and 7 new ones added.
February was a record month for Modulator! Though a significant part of this was due to a super bowl related exposure that may not be repeated for a while.
Thank you one and all!
Also, I’d like to acknowledge significant referrals from some of the blogosphere’s ‘service’ sites: Technorati, weblogs.com, blogrolling.com, MovableType, Blogdex, blogoshpere.us, Sitemeter, NZ Bear’s Ecosystem, Bloogz and Daypop.
All of the blog rolls except the Base Roll are ordered by most recently updated so be sure to ping weblogs.com or blogrolling.com to push to the top of the rolls. These are certainly the sites I tend to look at first and visitors will see you at the top of the roll as well.
For a brief discussion of Modulator’s blog rolls look here.

4 thoughts on “February’s Top Referrers

  • (: Tom :)

    Dude! I’m constantly amazed to find myself on this list. How the hell am I doing it?
    Is there any way I can look up the numbers you are using to determine who sends you traffic? Is it part of the site meter stuff?

  • Steve

    Since Modulator is such a “high” traffic site you just need to visit by clicking on a link on your home page 12-15 times a month and there you are…in the top 21.
    Now if this were Outside the Beltway it would take 200 or so visits which would probably take a lot of help from your readers.
    You are welcome to look at my site meter referral logs…just click on the icon at the bottom of the content column and browse around. See all the search engine referrals…how fun.
    But, this is not where I get the figures for Top Referrers. These figures come from a program called awstats that is provided by my hosting service. This program runs in real time on my server and catches all the good stuff site meter misses. It is not publically available.

  • (: Tom :)

    Cool beans, baby!
    And here I thought I was leading a procession of readers to view your fine page! I also thought that I had a procession of readers to send over here… [/self-deprecating humor]
    Thanks for the explanation!

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