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Ok, this would be great news pretty entertaining if they succeed:

Osama bin Laden narrowly escaped capture by French troops working with U.S. forces in Afghanistan, perhaps several times, the head of France’s armed forces said Monday.
French soldiers are determined to capture the fugitive head of the al Qaeda network by the end of the year, Gen. Henri Bentegeat said.

And, yes, even though they are working with US forces it would be pretty ironic if it is the French that actually capture him.
Via Max at MaxSpeak who is looking forward to a religious conversion.
Update (3/18): Tom at The Funny Farm speculates what might happen if the French capture Osama.

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  • (: Tom :)

    Even more ironic:
    What if they captured bin Laden, and then handed him to the International Criminal Court (i.e. outside of American jurisdiction)?
    Thanks for inspiring a bit of extrapolation over at the Funny Farm…

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