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Well, really, an aggregator. I don’t know whether I’ll ever use Kinja as I’m quite happy with Bloglines and my blog rolls but I’m probably not in the first cohort of the target audience.
Some folks might find Kinja valuable:

Kinja is an RSS reader for people who don’t know what RSS is, who don’t know what a reader is, for that matter, or don’t care. A Kinja digest looks much like a weblog, with excerpts arranged in reverse chronological order.

Kinja is getting a fair amount of publicity including a NYT article and lots of linkage. It will be interesting to watch and see how this service evolves and how it impacts blog world.
Oh, and you might want to read their terms of service which apparently has a lot in common with Yahoo’s.
Via The Gothamist.

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  • zombyboy

    I’ve been getting a good amount of traffic on the referrer log from Kinja–apparently it works for someone. I’m with you, though, I’m pretty comfortable with the aggregators I already use.

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