Daily Archives: April 7, 2004

Wasting Millions, Earning Billions

First, via Hit & Run I learn that the american taliban bushies are not only running a ridiculous deficit but that they are also wasting millions of the dollars that they don’t have chasing down willing folks selling product to willing buyers. Come on feds, if there are assaults, rapes, fraud, extortion, etc., go after’m otherwise leave the people you are supposed to serve alone.
And, then I learn via Boing Boing that the guy who may or may not be the world’s richest man makes a portion of his billions selling furniture to the folks willingly buying product from the folks the feds are harrassing.
Ahhhh, the webs of commerce.

Maggots, Leeches and….

Yes, whipworms are joining the arsonal of modern medical technology following the recent discovery of the benefits of maggots and the periodic reappearance of leeches as a treatment for various conditions.
In a recent clinical trial 50% of ulcerative colitis patients and 70% of Chron’s disease patients entered remission when treated with regular doses of pig whipworms.
The theory is that the human immune system evolved to deal with worm parasites and may become overactive in their absence. An interesting unintended consequence of the large reduction in human parasite infections in advanced western economies.