Will Oprah be Fined? 2 comments

Kevin Aylward reports on an FCC investigation that may result in large fines for Oprah:

Using the recent FCC fines against Clear Channel Communications for airing indecent material on a Howard Stern radio broadcast, the 1900 complaints against a single episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show should lead to $5.9 million dollar fine.

If they actually do this I hope it happens well before the election. I have visions of huge anti-talibanbush rallies populated by hordes of Oprah and Howard fans.

2 thoughts on “Will Oprah be Fined?

  • deb

    I can’t imagine that it will ever happen, though. And btw…did you read some of those letters Drudge had up? Hard to believe some of them are legit. I’m just sayin’…

  • Steve

    Yea, it probably won’t happen but it’s great fodder.
    Now to admit a sin of omission: I don’t read Drudge at all.
    And you are probably right about the letters….

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