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Acronyms of Pain

It’s unlikely that you will find these acronyms in an IM chat:

The dry-erase boards scream profanity across the ER.
Letters of blue roar:
OOC (out of control — usually after crack or methamphetamine)!”
They cry:
ICH (intra-cranial hemorrhage),
AMS (altered mental status),
SSCP (substernal chest pain),
GIB (gastrointestinal bleed),
AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm),
SBP (spontaneous bacterial peritonitis)!”
They mock:
AOB (alcohol on breath)!”
HOD (heroin overdose)…”
Via Hermes.
(Ed. colors added)

Supremes Sing for bush?

Arthur Silber isn’t very happy with the rulings in Hamdi, Padilla and Rasul:

…as Turley notes, the fact that these questions arose in this form in the first place — questions that lie at the very foundation of what was our original system of government — is a very ominous sign, a sign whose significance a great many people appear not to appreciate fully, if at all.

MORE CONFIRMATION: Of my view — if the Wall Street Journal is pleased about the Supreme Court’s rulings, you can be pretty damned sure that they’re bad news for the defenders of individual rights:
Now I’m not as happy with these rulings as I was two days ago.


Just why is this allowed?

But today was my first experience with the special “premier” security screening. While other travelers waited in long lines, first to have their bags checked and then to pass through the metal detectors, I was whisked through.
This apparent perk makes me more then uncomfortable. It makes me a bit angry and my answer to a question that Kleiman asks later in his post iis that, no, it is not a good idea to let folks buy their way out the regular security line!!