12 thoughts on “National Kissing Day?

  • ellys

    i think this is a geat day and will be celebrating it myself! I shall be telling anyone who doesn’t yet know and i will make sure that each of my friends get at least one kiss from somebody they like today!!!!!

  • BEki

    Hi i think national kissing day is the best day ever and should happen more than once a year as it is such a clever and good idea, though not that many people have heard of it, although i am only 13 i still believe that national kissing day is one of the best things known to man!

  • Good looking

    I think national kissing day is awsome i also think it should deffinitly be more than once a month.I also think that someone should try to tell everyone about it. It would be great if national kissing day was once a month……no…..once a week hehehe.Seriously have a kiss each week from the person u like lol!

  • lilpeanut

    omg i think this is the best idea ever even though i have not heard about it until today and i have no one to kiss but no matter this is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Devine

    When i heard about national kissing day i decided to kiss everyone i saw, bad idea i now have …: Glandula fever, mumps, cooties and a friend has also told me he has oral thrush. Thanks a lot.

  • ellie

    we all love national kissing day but some people kiss someone everyday even thow i am only 16 the amount of boys that have asked me to kiss them on national kissing day is amaseing i think national kissing day should me twice a week or everyday for a month

  • Laura

    i’m 7 years old and i think that kissing is yucky! ewwwwwwwwwwww i saw my mummy kissing daddy and i’m going to have a sister! how’d that happen!?!

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