No prior art? 2 comments

Microsoft has just been awarded another stupid patent:

Microsoft has successfully patented using short, long or double clicks to launch different applications on “limited resource computing devices”
How long did it take you to think of a code that used short, long or multiple iterations of some symbol or activity to represent something or initiate an action?
All I can say is -… ..- .-.. .-.. … …. .. – (go here to translate).
Via the Apostropher.

2 thoughts on “No prior art?

  • apostropher

    You have got to be kidding me.

    Microsoft awarded patent on double-clicking. Update (9:50 pm): I was too flabbergasted by the double-clicking patent to notice the even more absurd element of this patent. Luckily, the Modulator on top of it. Microsoft has successfully patented using s…

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