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rumsfeld says:

The troubling unknown, he said, is whether the extremists — whom he termed ”zealots and despots” bent on destroying the global system of nation-states — are turning out newly trained terrorists faster than the United States can capture or kill them.
”It’s quite clear to me that we do not have a coherent approach to this,” Rumsfeld said at an international security conference.
His remarks showed a level of concern about the long-term direction of the U.S.-led global fight against terrorism that Rumsfeld rarely addresses in public.
His remarks also elicited commentary:
Should we put this quote on every campaign web-site, bumper sticker and campaign commercial going forward?
Heavens, yes.
The Poor Man:
The Bush Administration appears to be in the grips of irrational Bush-hatred
Brad Delong:
If even Donald Rumsfeld believes that Al Qaeda is growing stronger, who is left to defend the Bush administration’s conduct of the War on Terror?
Oliver Willis
The Failure Of Donald Rumsfeld
I can’t believe he said this.
Rumsfeld fears U.S. losing long-term fight against terror
Pessimist at The Left Coaster at the end of a long commentary:
It’s time for another regime change. Here in the United States of America. This November if not sooner.
An interesting phrase given who he works for….. anything less than complete confidence and unswerving loyalty to the administration line isn’t high on the top 10 list of ways to get yourself invited to a certain ranch in Texas.
Yep, rummie should have resigned when he had the chance.

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  • Alan Sullivan

    Steve, this is old news. Rumsfeld said that a long while ago. He did make a mistake of sorts. He used the pronoun “we” to mean “we Americans.” Being an old man, Rumsfeld may not have noticed that a lot of Americans have effectively seceded from citizenship. They think of themselves first members of some disadvantaged group, like the Democratic Party.

  • Alan Sullivan

    P.S. If Rummy said everything was hunky-dory the same people would attack him for overconfidence. I prefer a straight talker–and Bush probably does too.

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