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Rick from Radically Inept had a bit of time to watch the marriage amendment debates on C-SPAN today. It was an educational experience:

Oh, I can’t resist this observation from C-SPAN today. I caught a few minutes of the senate debate on the ‘our government should define marraige in our contitution’ act. I got to see U.S. Senator Rick Santorum-Pennsylvania say that the `Federal Marriage Amendment’ had bi-partisan sponsorship because, get this, Senator Zell Miller, Democrat from Georgia is a co-sponsor. Which, as we all know, is the truth on the surface, but look at how his voting pattern rates.
Oh, then Santorum made the idoitic statement “marriage as defined in the constitution.” I would have hoped that a senator, especially a republican senator, would have read the Constitution by now.
And santorum has actually sworn to uphold the Constitution. Yeccchh.
Update (7/13): Norbizness has some more examples of the high quality of this debate.

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