Daily Archives: August 8, 2004

Toe Licking

Some folks like it but uninvited toe licking exactly what Dutch parliament member peter van heest says it is:

“It is a violation of one’s privacy and one’s physical integrity,” he told a local news agency. “The norm… is that no one should touch your body if you haven’t asked them first.”
But why, then, should it need its own special category in Dutch law? It seems more appropriate that the Dutch should clarify their assault laws so that things like this will not fall through the cracks rather than following the path van heest and the good Professor advocates.
Oh, and for the victems that the Dutch state has so grievously failed perhaps there are some alternatives more appropriate. How about a civil suit? Are such things allowed in Holland?
Failing that I expect that their brothers, fathers, husbands and boyfriends would look askance at such behavior. Why haven’t they performed the appropriate behaviour modification actions on the perp?
I’m also a bit surprised that the perp has not suffered a multitude of broken noses during his three years of activity.
Update: Update: Jack K at Ruminate This also weighs in on this major issue.
Update (8/9): Will Baude agrees re their assault laws and links to this relevant analysis by the Curmudgeonly Clerk.