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w and his administration are not well known for providing comprehensive public policy plans for public discussion and possible action. For instance, regarding the economy the bush buzzward is ownership. See here and here. There is not much depth and from a planning perspective these appear to be more like action items without any overall strategy direction. And looking deeper on the bush campaign site finds more of the same kind of thing.
Tyler Cowan proposes a somewhat expanded plan for bush (I presume he’d like kerry to adopt it as well)and does include at least a bit of overarching vision in his 12th point:

Get on TV and tell the nation that a free economy is a critical source of our strength. Tell them you mean it, and then mean it. Economic growth is the greatest long-run gift we can give to the world.
The rest of the list is incomplete but, for the most part, a great start toward implementing the proposed vision.
To all of this Ideablog says:
Big problem: it’s politically impossible.
To which I say, well, that’s ok. What is impossible today happens tomorrow but only if you start talking about it.
This is why, whether you ultimately agree point by point, you should go read Cowan’s proposal, think about it, talk about it, discuss your alternatives, refine it, and go at it again, and again, until we get it closer to right.

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  • paul

    Steve, I’m curious, is there some reason behind your non-capitalization of “bush” and “kerry”? It seems systematic, and got me wondering…

  • Steve

    Good question that no one has asked before which itself has left me a bit puzzled.
    Sad to say I have not been as systematic as I’d have liked. There are a number of mis-capitalizions scattered through out Modulator.
    When these guys are out of office or not running for office I will be happy to capitalize their names.
    In the meantime there is little about the US political process and its inhabitants that is deserving of respect. In particular at the federal and state levels legislators, elected members of the executive branch and most of their appointees are involved in abject factionalism and cronyism. While they oft wrap nice words around their actions they nevertheless end up enacting legislation and acting to the benefit of their faction de jour.
    While they are these roles as they are performed today be it senator, president, governor, or…, capitalizaton is withheld.
    I look forward to folks/systems who truly intend and do serve the people’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
    I eagerly await the day

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